Bharatanatyam poses

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Lovely dancer, Bharatanatyam poses, and inexperienced photographer.

Not the ideal combination, huh? Well, I wanted to give it a try. Bharatanatyam poses are so beautiful that anyone will want to!

My cousin Jahnavi is a beautiful dancer and her Arangetram is coming up soon. Preparations for it are going full swing and I’m going to try my hand at making some videos of all the backstage escapades that’s going into it.

Last Thursday, I went on a saree shopping expedition to record some footage. It took us close to seven shops and three hours to get the perfect two! Lots of excitement and super fun. :)

These are photos I took the next morning at her class.

Large spaces and graceful movements make bharatanatyam poses

Large spaces and graceful movements

I had never done any dance photography or any “movement” photography for that matter. I had no clue what I wanted to do or what to expect. I didn’t even have time beforehand to do the research that I usually do before I go on my crazy experiment for the week. I took with me my tripod and my 18-55 lens.

Bharatanatyam poses- Silhouettes and pirouettes.

Silhouettes and pirouettes.

The problem that presented immediately was the fact that she was almost completely backlit! So, this coupled with the fact that she hadn’t tied her hair up that day, made this shot.

Bharatanatyam poses, Beauty in lines

Beauty in lines

Here’s what a dance photographer says in one of his blogs:

“Daylight from the wrong direction…barely illuminating the dancer in the foreground…Can the dancers rise above these indispensible clutter of our day to day interior residential environments for the benefit of the camera?” – Purple Ganesh

I think it’s definitely possible.

Bharatanatyam poses, Experiments with slow shutter speed.

Experiments with slow shutter speed.

I had dreams of beautiful blurs, of perfect expressions while hands make elegant swirls and pretty soon realised that that, was simply, a dream. Not impossible to achieve, but it’s going to take a couple of more tries and lots of planning. Most of my tries just aren’t viewable, this is one of the more decent ones.

From the research I did, I now figure that it needs proper lighting, preferably a dark background, and planning to get it right.

Bharatanatyam poses, Stretches as the class start.

Stretches as the class starts.

I love how all dance classes have such elegant exercises too! I had a very brief stint in a dance class when I tried to overcome my two left feet. Coming from a background of martial arts and tomboy play, trying to do exercise gracefully sort of pushed it. Just a little ;)

Bharatanayam poses, elegance and poise

Elegance and poise

Janu, it was a real treat to come watch you :) I can’t wait to see you at the Arangatram. You are going to be awesome.

Bharatanatyam poses, She has a super, super teacher

She has a super, super teacher

Thank you so much ma’am for putting up with the crazy girl whose hair refuses to look presentable! Thank you for letting me in on that beautiful class!

Hopefully I’ll finish that video soon. Have just gotten the software installed. It’s going to be another wonderful adventure.

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever tried shooting photos of dance? Is there a dance photographer who impresses you? I hope you liked the blog! Do follow me on Facebook¬†for more updates.




  1. U look lovely jhanani! Very nice shots! Such an inspiration ! :) All the best on your journey, not that u need it coz u r already gud! :) ;)

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